Art 107

Art 108

Week 1

Course Introduction and presentation of syllabus.

Materials will be delivered by Blick Art

Subjective Painting Compositions

Week 2

Subjective Painting Compostions

Learn by Painting:

A self-directed, individually focused, and autonomous research into what you want to paint.

Students will choose from a variety of formal and conceptual challenges and aesthetic and intellectual categories then design a series of paintings to explore that universe.

Over the course of the next 13 weeks create a series of paintings based on your own goals.



Week 3

Lecture: Color Theory
Color Wheel Assignment

Week 4

No class Monday/ Washington's Birthday

Field Trip
Begin Saturation scale and Zedist Painting

Week 5

Zedist composition

Week 6

Zedist composition

Week 7

Paper Airplane

Week 8

Paper Airplane

  Spring Break

Week 9

Chiaroscuro painting

Week 10

Chiaroscuro painting

Week 11

Chiaroscuro painting


Week 12

Portrait painting

Week 13

Portrait painting

Week 14

Portrait painting

Week 15

Portrait Painting